About Us

We are a group of researchers, doctors, parents, and people who care about creating a healthier, happier and smarter future.

Our mission is to research effective child development programs aimed at countering the current unhealthy trends in the western world. Our mission is to put an end to: Child behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD symptoms, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Aggressive and Angry Children, Biting, Hitting, Backtalk, Defiant and Tantrums.

Our research is based on focusing on brain health in order to solve these child behavior problems. Tantrums, Biting and Aggressive Backtalk and Defiance are usually caused by a stressed nervous system. The brain controls the nervous system.

The research we recommend are tested and proven methods from experts and parents who have tested them in the only laboratory that matters – the real world of parenting and educating children.